At Taxes On Wheels, we complete the following types of tax returns:
Personal – individual
Personal – common law or married
Truck drivers
Commissioned employees
Employees with at home expenses
Rental Properties
Self employed – Any size company not incorporated

Taxes On Wheels offers a professional level of customer service in the preparation of your income taxes, all in the comfort of your own home.  Taxes On Wheels offers a mobile income tax preparation service.  We come right to your home, and complete the tax return right there with you; forms are printed and signed on the spot.  Your tax return gets e-filed and refunds are typically in your bank account in 5 business days. 

At Taxes On Wheels, we give you the proper one on one service you deserve.  There are many tax credits and deductions available, which often get missed when tax preparers do not spend enough time with their clients. We take the time to discuss and learn your particular situation to ensure you are getting every possible deduction and credit you are entitled to.  

Taxes On Wheels Three-Year Review
As a new customer to Taxes On Wheels, we appreciate the new business. To show our appreciation we are willing to review your past 3 year’s returns at no cost to you.


Our Guarantee

If Taxes On Wheels makes an error in the preparation of your income tax return that results in a cost of interest on additional taxes due, Taxes On Wheels will pay that interest. If you are called upon to verify the preparation of your return, we will accompany you to the tax centre closest to the office where your return was completed at no additional cost.